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For the students:

WADE helps perform research on any subject, it generates a report on any subject in a word document. It also has PowerPoint and word pad aid. WADE also can find synonyms for words you highlight or say, to display an extended vocabulary and impress your teachers.

For the gamers:

WADE can also help make your game more interactive and fun. WADE can press certain macro keys with the power of your voice to help you win the game! You can also turn WADE into self aware mode and ask what your best course of action should be when raiding the enemy!

For the businesses:

Whether you are a professional company trying to be innovative and planning for the future and would like to purchase our API or you're an entrepreneur that needs to manage your business.

For the medical field:

WADE is the best fit for speech recognition and artificial intelligence solution for businesses of all kinds. WADE can be configured to be used in a medical environment with our API. WADE can also open up any file or report so if you have patient files you need quick access to you can do it by simply adding it to the custom commands window.

For the visually impaired:

WADE has features that can help the visually or mentally impaired, and the hearing or physically impaired. WADE can read anything you highlight to help you understand the context. WADE also helps with dictation and the custom keys clicked by voice commands.

For the writers:

With the future on it's way, many people have chosen to switch to doing all their writing pieces with a pc. WADE can dictate and re read what you wrote and can help you write your best writing work! WADE can dictate and re read what you wrote and can help you write your best writing work!

For YOU!

WADE personalizes just to you, and gets to know you. You can have it learn your nickname, and set alarms and reminders for WADE to keep track of your schedule. WADE also can keep up a fun and meaningful conversation with self-aware mode!

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