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TimeMonday - Sunday 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Pacific. time

WADE's AI aspect: Self-Aware mode

WADE Program is the first artificial intelligence software that is able to think and carry out tasks using it's virtual brain.

WADE's brain is so powerful it takes a 2 TH/s dedicated server to run the brain for just an hour everyday. Our hardware was specially built and encrypted to make sure the data sent out and sent in is secure and fast.

How Self Aware is WADE?

WADE is a revolutionary software, which responds to any question and any command you can throw at it with stunning responses. We have been featured on many news articles praising our revolutionary self-aware mode. WADE has been in development as an A.I by dedicated developers whom each process years of experience in software development and understanding of the human mind. WADE's self aware mode is able to understand exactly what you are communicating to it, WADE responds within 2.38 seconds (the delay is to leave time for WADE to think).

Why only 1 hour?

WADE's Self-Aware Mode is only able to be used within the designated time listed above, because our current server is unable to handle the processing it takes for human like conversations for over an hour without crashing. The development team have been optimizing WADE's self aware mode for speed, and now we are focusing all our efforts on the future of the self-aware mode.

Future of Self-Aware Mode

Our developers are continuously optimizing the speed and stability of the server, we are always upgrading our self-aware feature while the server is offline, to give you a better understanding here is a time line of what our development team predicts the time restraint will be lifted to in the upcoming months.

December 10th 2016 2 Hours of Self-Aware mode
February 2017 3 Hours of Self-Aware mode
Spring 2017 5 Hours of Self-Aware mode
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