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>Control your PC with voice recognition software- May 3rd, 2018 -

Artificial intelligence is growing in understanding, our software utilizes new speech recognition engine capabilities to assist you with completing tasks with amazing speed. All you need is your voice & you'll be able to control every aspect of your PC. Our speech recognition software is able to dictate in 38 languages. It's important to note that our Virtual Assistant AI program is available for both Windows and Macintosh. So whatever your preference is you can always count on WADE! 48-hour FREE TRIAL now!! Don't miss this opportunity of testing this futuristic AI technology! Have fun with controlling a machine just with your voice!

Speech recognition program - April 29th, 2018

Best Speech To Text software, we are one of the best in the market where we provide speech to text softwares for you to use. Our softwares are compatible with different versions of windows operating system ranging from windows 10 to windows 7 & 10. We are a speech to text software for windows 10 as this is one of the popular version of windows where most of the users work on this. Voice to Text Software for PC The best voice recognition software gives you the ability to streamline your workflow. Our virtual assistant does just that. It well-designed voice recognition software can help you dramatically increase productivity both at work and at home. You can dictate a document at roughly three times the speed of typing it. And with the right software, you can do so with even more accuracy. Using windows speech to text recognition software you can reduce the amount of time typing the required content, all of this can be done by dictating the content via microphone. The voice to text software that is installed on your windows machine will help you convert your voice commands into considerable actions. To know more about the voice to text software for PC, visit our website and send out any specific queries.

Speech recognition software - July 2nd, 2017 -

The leading speech recognition program is available now 25% off for 4th of july sale The virtual assistant capabilities has been optimized and it can now help you solve math problems. WADE artificial intelligence engine adapts to your voice over time the speech to text engine is able This is a step up for speech recognition software no other program can compare to our revolutionary systems. to dictate in 38 languages accurately this deal makes voice recognition cheap and worth it advanced AI software has never been more affordable!

Speech recognition program engine - Janruary 27, 2017 -

WADE AI virtual assistant software has a new speech recognition program engine We have made sure that the machine learning aspects of it are the latest in artificial intelligence software algorithms. WADE understands and dictates in over 38 languages flawlessly it even learns your accent over time! This is a step up for speech recognition software no other program can compare to our revolutionary systems. We have also deployed a procedure for facial recognition so WADE can assist you as the virtual assistant it's incredible new features will also be updated regularly!

Updated WADE V1.0.3 Released - Janruary 17, 2017 -

WADE is now 2X faster at bootup and responding to every command! We have also patched all issues reported to us and we've added new features such as: Dictation command is now working again with 38 languages! Patched the login loading UI not animating. Patched logining in with email opposed to username. Patched login interface display issues. revamped install process to include speech engine. Revamped weather commands - now uses zipcode & quicker. Resolved Microphone not found issue for certain computers. The speech recognition software has now a new engine that is much quicker for dictation, which brings virtual assistance to new heights and you in complete control!

WADE Program: Advanced Virtual Assistant Software

Virtual Assistant Software| Speech Recognition Program

WADE Program Inc. announced the release of W.A.D.E -Willing Assistant Doing Everything- program artificial intelligence software. Speech recognition software is something that you once apply for any of the documents, don’t want invest more times, just speak and rest work will be done by the same. It can be possible you don’t have the expertise on the same but you will find lots of organizations who will do the work on behalf of you and render you the best service according to your need. You may think that to hire the person but it demands more cost but the services you get that will be the same. Now, the call is yours. Pick the one that you find the best and then think further. If you want the artificial intelligence program, then firstly filter your search through the same and take a look the performance of the software to understand the quality of the programming the same. It can be possible the way they have developed the same, you don’t want the same. Then simply depending on their qualities, the features and the upgraded techniques you start shortlisting for the future reference. Remember that you have to sit with each of the representative for discussing about the speech recognition software features and all, then make your mind you should pick that or not. Once, you have shared the things, wait for the person’s response what their planing to achieve the same and the ways they will take further. If that sounds perfect and they create the same with the best expertise, then take one step ahead towards hiring the organization. But, drop the idea if they just walk only on their path, not even interested to give attention to you. Customer support is another tool for selecting any organization for artificial intelligence program. After appointing them if you want to discuss on some points or add something but for the same you keep calling them but no respond is there what you do. So, obviously, nothing will be on your hand at that time. So, for avoiding the situation, check how they are in that terms and when you have found all just perfect, go for it. But don’t even hire them with a single doubt, remember the same. WADE Program Inc. has stated that it’s goals are to become the best virtual assistant program on the market and promises to continually upgrade its list of attributes and features. Prices start as low as $9.99 a month, making it also an affordable solution for most businesses. “We promise not only to reduce the costs of doing business, but also to increase the output of any given workday,” says Keith Hager. “Our solutions are affordable, they are integrated, and they are the future of business.”

WADE is currently a software program capable of opening programs, typing anything you desire, reading long articles for you, it also employs advanced user interface and 11 different voices, it can manage almost everything in your life, especially technology matters. WADE is easy to use and has been described as "The best speech recognition program on PC." Our goal for WADE is to revolutionize the way we interact with computers and technology around the globe.

Biometric Technology

Wade Virtual Assistant is the brain child of 19 year old technologist and entrepreneur, Michael Ghandour. He developed this AI approach to virtual assistance after he observed the shift towards mobile technology and common use of apps. Realizing that implementation of a non-human approach to assistance would not require an extensive culture shift, Ghandour realized that he could create a cost-saving solution that was not only effective but also mobile. “It’s taking your assistant on the run with you,” says Ghandour. After deploying WADE to Los Angeles area businesses, the next step was to begin work on a biometric solution. “There are two areas of technology that will explode in the next decade,” says Engineer lead at WADE, Keith Hager “3D Printing and Biometrics. We are standing on the threshold of a virtual reality world with biometric recognition and use, and WADE is going to lead the way by providing a unique and personalized approach to business automation.” Wade Virtual Assistant already uses speech recognition programs, but has been moving towards a face recognition system which can scan the face and take 3-D images that will be used with that user for the future. Once a face is recognized gesture controls can be added. This new feature is in addition to the already implemented biometric voice system that is able to recognize a registered voice in a room where others are talking. The accuracy of the voice engine is not only extremely good, but also dictates in 38 languages. As WADE brings on new functionality, the company looks to the future of how that functionality can best serve their clientele. Next steps for the company are to integrate facial lip reading and speech recognition to become even more accurate at processing natural language. The Wade Virtual Assistant program price plans start as low as $9.99 a month, which makes this system even more enticing for small business owners on the go.


Our development team have finished an amazing API for our speech recognition engine that is 91% accurate. The API is still being tweaked and will be released next month but I will assure you it will be of very good use for other businesses who want to take the initiative route to bringing technological revolution to their business.

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Our development team have finished an amazing API for our speech recognition engine that is 91% accurate. The API is still being tweaked and will be released next month but I will assure you it will be of very good use for other businesses who want to take the initiative route to bringing technological revolution to their business.

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