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WADE Program



Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does WADE cost?
    • A: The cost depends on the plan you choose, we offer a Premium Plan that is $9.99 a month that gives you access to many advanced features. Lastly we have the premium Lifetime plan which is one payment of $200 (NO MONTHLY Payments) this plan is a great value and is a limited time offer!
  • What are the system requirements for running WADE?
    • A: WADE has been optimized to every CPU, the preferred CPU requirements are: at least 1024MB of RAM, Intel processor 1.5 GHz or faster. The WADE installation takes up less than 50MB.
  • Will WADE Program work on Windows 10?
    • A: Yes, WADE has been optimized to work with the new Microsoft Windows 10.
  • What kind of microphones can be used with WADE?
    • A: WADE can be used with a built-in array microphone such as those found on many laptops, or you may use other types that are recommend such as USB microphones or bluetooth devices results may vary and make sure you train WADE.
  • How secure is my privacy and data sent to WADE?
    • We do not store any commands/speech you have with our program on our servers, we take your privacy & security very strongly.
    • We encrypt all your passwords, and incoming connections. For more information, take a look at our privacy policy.
  • Does the Lifetime package include updates?
    • A: Yes, when you purchase the Lifetime package you will have every single WADE update that monthly subscribers receive.
  • How do I download WADE?
    • A: The fastest way to install and get the most out of WADE is to get WADE premium. For just $9.99, Once you purchase WADE it will give your account premium settings and a download for WADE.
  • Does WADE have female voices or any different voices?
    • A: WADE currently has 11 different voices and 4 of them are female.
  • Is there a way to not pay monthly for WADE?
    • A: WADE Program offers a limited time Lifetime package, the purchase is a one time payment of 200$ for WADE forever.
  • Is WADE compatible with Windows 8?
    • A: WADE is compatible with all versions of Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 Enterprise.
  • What operating systems is WADE compatible with?
    • A: WADE is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 Enterprise, All version of Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista.
  • Is WADE compatible with Mac?
    • A: WADE is currently not compatible with mac. Our developers have been working to finish the Mac version expect it to be up by the end of 2018.
  • WADE doesn't seem to write well, Whats wrong?
    • A: Our new dictation system (released June 16, 2018) is now 93% accurate and works with 39 different languages, if it is still not recognizing your voice you need to make sure you selected the correct accent location for the language type Example: English - > United States is different from English -> Australia
  • How may I check how many days I have remaining for my order?
    • A: You can login to the user dashboard and check or you can also login to the WADE Software and in the top left it should say how many days left you have until you must renew WADE for another month.
  • How many accounts may I be on and still use WADE?
    • A: When you have a package account with WADE you may use the program on maximum of 1 computer at a time.
  • WADE doesn't seem to understand me well, Whats wrong?
    • A: WADE program requires you to go through voice training, or it will not be able to understand you. To go through voice training either tell WADE to open training or go through the settings and find voice training.
  • Cannot login into WADE program
    • A: WADE program requires internet connection at all time while using WADE software, make sure your credentials are correct. If you lost your credentials please go to support page for further assistance.
  • WADE doesn't seem to respond to my commands
    • Make sure you have a microphone plugged in as the default recording device, and you can configure WADE's voice analysis confidence by clicking settings -> voice recognition tab.
  • I have a question not listed here?
    • If you have any further questions we would be delighted to answer them, our support email is :
    • If you have a question about how to use WADE and already purchased it please refer to the user guide on the dashboard.

Recent Changes

Wade Trial Released WADE 48-Hour Trial is now released!
April 13, 2018
Wade new version WADE V3.5.1 is released!
April 7, 2018
More Languages Added New languages support
January 28, 2018

Benefit the Impaired

WADE can easily be applied in various ways to benefit the visually or mentally Impaired. For example anyone with a sprained or broken arm can easily access WADE's built in type mode by simply using the power of their voice. WADE can also benefit the visually or hearing partially impaired with it's read feature, WADE reads off text from any program.

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