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To download WADE you must first,Register on our website and sign up for any plan you likel ! It's that simple. We have a 30 Day money back policy! All we ask for is a simple sign in. Click download now to get WADE!

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"Wow I have talked to the developer, and what can I say I am blown away by how remarkable this project is he even had time to show me a personal demonstration I highly support this program!"


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The Best Advanced Speech Recognition Program
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About the best Speech recognition software

WADE is a multifunctional speech recognition program capable of opening programs, typing anything you desire, writing reports on anything, it employs advanced user interface and voice input, it manages almost everything in your life, especially technology matters.

WADE is easy to use and has been described as "The best speech recognition program on PC." WADE has the ability to do anything you desire with just the power of your voice! Our goal for WADE is to revolutionize the way we interact with computers and technology around the globe. Although WADE is not human, as an A.I he has actcess to an unlimited amount of resources, information and programs that he can control and use at his own will to aid you in whatever your needs may be.

WADE is always aware when you are speaking directly to him and WADE is always trying to learn more about you to further his knowledge. WADE has a research database, in which it can gather information on any subject and gather 3-pictures. It can write reports up and it also has the functionality of being Self-Aware!

Mirror UK
“ WADE, created by Michael Ghandour, has voice recognition and responds to even the slightest command with amazing speed.."
India Times
“ A new artificial intelligence robot that can navigate through almost any computer programme and across the internet has been developed."
"When I first saw the demonstration of the system, I was blown away by its capabilities" -Richard Darell, CEO,

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